Tips to play Clash of Clans

For those of you who have never played Clash of Clans here we provide a brief how to play.

You are here will be submitted to lead a city built with the golden elixir and would you mine. Beginning you will have only two workers to build a city, buildings will be made by selecting the appropriate item and place it your pleasure. And you can build troops to attack another city or fulfill the quest.

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City whose owner is being played or active can not be attacked, so you will not get a notification if anyone attacks you while you are actively playing Clash of Clans. Town you can be attacked if there is no active shield or not being open. Can do clan wars and when you attacked the enemy, do not be afraid you do not run out the remaining, because the city was destroyed then you will get a free bonus shield comparable to the percentage of the destruction of your city. You will not lose anything except the resource and trophy.

Tips to play Clash of Clans

Be patient and keep you well Gems

Gems from Clash of Clans will be very useful once is like to speed up the process (making the building, preparing the army, etc.). Subject to accelerate this process really is very exciting because the longer you play, the resource that you will be able to more and build time increased. And you do not get tempted, keep your gems for something that is really necessary. We recommend using gems to construct buildings that limited time inventory, the point in playing Clash of Clans requires patience and do not waste your gems carelessly.

Sounds easy does not it? Yes indeed simple but how you can build a city, build troops and attacking other cities quickly and efficiently.

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Tales from the Borderlands Reviews

Since we already know that Telltale will release Tales from the Borderlands, I already can not wait to play it. This game is full of action shooter game shooting brutal shots that suddenly while to the adventure game genre. As one of the lovers Borderlands series, I was not too worried by the presence of a very drastic change. Because is not a secret anymore that this game released by Telltale has always maintained since the story that has been presented has a standard story hundreds of times better than that of other stories.


The story in Tales from the Borderlands takes place after the death of Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2. Here I will tell the story begins outline only, so you do not have to worry as gamers will find spoilers in this review. At the beginning of the story of this game is described activities in a manufacturing company Hyperion continue as usual after the relic Handsome Jack. There is a Hyperion employee named Rhys who are happy because of his position will be promoted but is unexpectedly he even in the mutation to the division office boy. And because not thank Rhys fly to Pandora to change the tragic fate.

I will give my impressions in a play Tales from the Borderlands is I see the advantage of this game is to be enjoyed by you either have to follow the storyline Borderlands Series since the beginning as well as gamers who do not follow the path of the Borderlands story altogether. Maybe you  about this story is not as deep as those who follow the story Borderlands series, but I’m sure the story will remain exciting for you. Most gamers will be very happy and satisfied with a variety of scenes scenes that makes curious.